Our Customized Services

Estate Planning

Your estate is comprised of everything you own. No matter how large or modest, everyone has an estate that should be protected.

At Fitzwilliams Financial we use an in-house Estate Planning Attorney to property design and execute on all components that may be required for your estate plan. Remember in-house means they will be available to sit at the same conference table with your other service professionals.

At a very basic level your estate plan should include:

  • Pour-over Will
  • Medical Directive
  • Trust
  • Power of Attorney

More advanced estate planning has a seemingly endless number of tools that our Attorney is well versed on executing to include:

  • Business structures such as LLC, FLLC, LP, S-Corp, C-Corp, FLP, (501(C)(3))
  • Trust configurations such as Special Needs Trust, Revocable and Irrevocable Trust, CRAT,TQIP, GRAT, ILIT, SLAT, GRUT, CRUT, CST, Bypass Trust, IDGT, JTWROS, the list goes on!
  • Other considerations such as Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Power of Attorney, Buy/Sell Agreements