Our Customized Services

Fitzwilliams Tax Management

Our financial experts offer retirement tax consulting that pays critical attention to tax liability during every step of your financial planning process.

Fitzwilliams Tax Management is our tax planning firm that also provides bookkeeping and tax preparation services to our clients. Imagine the difference between being the messenger between your professionals and having them all sitting around the same conference table. Reducing taxes is an essential piece in preserving your assets. Each year millions of Americans overpay in taxes without even knowing it, leading to a lower retirement income. If you look at the bottom of most financial advisor advertisements you will see that they specifically notate, for good reason, that they do not give tax advice.

Taxes can be just as complicated as financial planning, portfolio management, or planning for retirement. This is one of the reasons we opened a tax firm with the expertise to mitigate complicated tax scenarios around all aspects of financial planning. We believe forecasting and preparation for next year’s taxes is as important as preparing and filing for last year’s.