Our Customized Services

Insurance Planning

Do more than expect the unexpected. Plan for it. Our experts can help you secure a financial plan by reducing risks.

Assessing risk is a strategic measurement process; it can change in an instant and have devastating effects if not planned for properly. Timothy Fitzwilliams experienced this first hand with his parents and this was a tremendous motivating factor in establishing Fitzwilliams Financial and its subsidiaries. Our focus is on examining if our clients are protected through a robust and comprehensive insurance and risk management platform. In any investment situation there are times of uncertainty, especially with a volatile financial market, but our clients can rest assured that their team of experienced professionals are prepared for any scenario. Our Insurance & Risk Management Planning Includes
  • Long Term Care Solutions
  • Investment Diversification
  • Bond Alternatives
  • Active Portfolio Management
  • And When Applicable
  • Modified Endowment Contracts
  • Key Man Insurance