• The short answer is that you are not obligated to do business with any of our other companies however they are available if you need them. Timothy Fitzwilliams is the owner of all of the aforementioned companies.
  • Timothy Fitzwilliams started Fitzwilliams Financial in 2008 and through that company utilized a safe money approach to protect and grow clients’ assets through the deployment of modified endowment contracts, annuity contracts, and the use of life insurance to provide a “tax-free retirement”.
  • Fitzwilliams Wealth Management is our Registered Investment Advisory firm that utilizes Investment Advisor Representatives who are licensed with the state to perform and offer financial planning. We also have an exclusive sub-advisor relationship with a Chartered Financial Analyst® who manages our client’s investment portfolios.
  • Fitzwilliams Tax Management is an accounting, tax preparation, and bookkeeping firm that was originally founded to offer advanced tax mitigation services to our financial firm clientele. It has grown rather expeditiously and we now offer those services to retail clients.
  • Fitzwilliams Real Estate is a real estate company that specializes in the acquisition and utilization of real estate as an alternative asset class. Through this company, we are able to offer our clients insight into complicated real estate calculations and tax strategies that your average advisor would most likely not be privy to.
  • Our Registered Investment Advisory firm, Fitzwilliams Wealth Management is a fiduciary. This means that all Investment Advisor Representatives at our firm have pledged always to put the best interest of our clients above their own. Our Insurance Agents are held by the suitability standard when utilizing insurance products as a part of your retirement plan. This is an important distinction as those firms that only utilize
    insurance products for financial planning are not mandated to put your needs above their own.
  • The CFA designation is highly regarded as the top designation for the investment management profession.
  • Our foundational methodology is econometric focused. We look at economic cycles along with fundamental indicators to determine the portfolio trades.
  • Fitzwilliams Wealth Management serves as a full discretionary portfolio manager, assuming all responsibility for daily investment decisions to give you the full concierge experience. During the onboarding process we work with the client to determine their risk tolerance, asset allocations, and moral alignments with their investment choices. We know that those things can change and that’s why we recommend as often as
    quarterly reviews with our clients.
  • While Fitzwilliams Financial does not have a minimum, Fitzwilliams Wealth Management requires a minimum of $100,000 initial deposit.
  • By being active and tactical through weekly rebalancing, our strategic hedges help to
    mitigate market losses. Traditional passive investments focus more around buy and
    hold strategies that rebalance much less often and it’s common practice to not use
    strategic hedges. Thus in a volatile market, a passive approach may fall behind our more
    active and tactical approach.
  • eMoney is an industry leader in financial planning software and we provide complimentary access to it for our clients. 

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